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Simple, Elegant and Effortless

We believe in better clothing. Nothing more, nothing less. Hathi Store is an exotic collection of hand block printed apparels personally designed and meticulously crafted to introduce ethical fashion to everyone’s wardrobe. We are a homegrown brand proudly founded in the UAE in 2015 and named after the Hindi word for 'Elephant'.

At Hathi there are 3 main principles we focus while designing and producing our clothes.



We like to make effortless minimal styling that is functional for the busy modern women who like to make a positive impact on the environment with their clothing choices.


Exclusivity of Block Printed Fabrics

India has been renowned for its printed and dyed cotton since ancient times. It is the slowest and most ancient textile printing process in the world, capable of yielding highly artistic results, typically unobtainable by other printing methods. Our fabrics are created using the ancient art of hand block printing - a unique technique of printing fabric using a wooden block into which the design has been carved or cut.

Our main focus is to use hand block printed fabrics to make clothing that are relevant to the dressing etiquettes of the middle eastern women. All our products are handmade in collaboration with a group of Indian Artisans & crafters and we have been promoting their impeccable talent since our inception.


A Commitment to Sustainable Fashion

We promote sustainable fashion throughout our supply chain from sourcing our fabrics to how the product reaches our customers. We use eco-friendly natural dyes and our fabrics are 100% biodegradable causing no harm to the environment. All our products are made up of 100% ethically sourced cotton, hand-dyed and meticulously crafted for exclusivity.

The designs that we produce are thoughtfully designed to be functional and minimal yet uniquely elegant to make you stand out. We plan our production in a way to minimalise the amount of wastage. Every quarter we take upon zero wastage projects and turn our left over cut pieces into other usable products.

We focus on small batch, ethical production where quality and craftsmanship stands above quantity. We knew we wanted to make our products the right way, not the fast way. We make our own block printed fabrics through various producer communities in north India, who has splendidly promoted this traditional art form, over successive generations. They have been helping designers make clothing responsibly, sustainably, and ethically for over decades.


Sustainable Pricing

Sustainable living should not be a luxury, It is everyone right and duty to our mother nature.  As much as we ensure fair wages we believe in fair prices for our customers. We wanted our dresses to be more accessible and part of your everyday elegance. The Slow fashion Industry needs everyone’s support.

We have worked to optimize our costing by focusing on designs with the lowest wastage and production cycle time. One of our core competencies is also our strong backward integrated production unit.  We make things in-house and that avoids a lot of middlemen charges which also helps us ensure our products are made in an ethical environment.

The best way we can help the artisan community is by committing continuous year around work for them, we make this possible by letting our sales channels move faster with ethical pricing for our customers. In this sustainable way of doing business everyone co-exists beautifully.