Soaked in vivid colour and deeply inspired by our mesmerising surroundings in Jaipur Rajasthan, Hathi Store showcases the brilliance of traditional Indian techniques with an underlying element of joy.
Hathistore is an Abu Dhabi based label found by Varsha Mohandas. Hathi was born out of her love for craft culture fashion and travel. At Hathi we want to bring sustainable clothing choices for the middle eastern women, which are fun, functional and timeless. Hathi is a collaboration of Indian craftsmanship and prints made to suit the regional lifestyle here. Our dresses are proudly designed in Abu Dhabi and made in India.
We believe in better clothing. Nothing more, nothing less. Hathi Store is an exotic collection of hand block printed apparels personally designed and meticulously crafted to introduce ethical fashion to everyone's wardrobe. We are a homegrown brand proudly founded in Abu Dhabi in 2015 and named after the Hindi word for 'Elephant'. At Hathi there are 3 main principles we focus while designing and producing our clothes.

Our journey is the result of a compelling urge to celebrate the richness and diversity of traditional Indian textiles. The urge was strengthened with a relevant question we asked ourselves. Should our craft culture belong to the past alone; are we doing enough to revive these craft forms? We strongly believe that ancient printing techniques must get out of museums and not simply remain heirloom concepts.
We like to make effortless minimal styling that is functional for the busy modern women who like to make a positive impact on the environment with their clothing choices. Our main focus is to use hand block printed fabrics to make clothing that are relevant to the dressing etiquettes of the middle eastern women. All our products are handmade in collaboration with a group of Indian Artisans & crafters and we have been promoting their impeccable talent since our inception.